Additive Masterbatch

Additive Masterbatch

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Optical Brightener (Type OB1) Master batch for Polyolefin. The grade is produced with high quality optical brighteners & is filler free. It absorbs ultraviolet (UV) light in the 300 – 400 nm range of sunlight & re-emit most of the absorbed energy as blue fluorescent light between 400 – 500 nm. The emitted blue light will reduce the yellowness of the polymer and gives a whiter than white appearance.

The master batch gives fluorescence with Violet / Ultra white tone.

SP7138 0001 improves initial color of polymer, whiteness of reprocessed plastics, enhances surface gloss & brilliance of colored articles.

Applications:    `

The applications includes  Molding (Injection, Blow & Roto), Films, Foam, Tapes, Pipes & Profiles.


Material is supplied in pellet form, packed in 25 Kg laminated bags. SPL recommends storage of material in a ventilated & covered facility, protected from Moisture, Sunlight and Heat. The packing used is not UV stabilized and hence should not be exposed to sunlight

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