is your convenience portal for Industrial, Bulk and Retail needs for a broad range of durable goods. A new outlook and ease is brought to you with 25 years of enriching experiences we, Chandantara Dugar Group (CDG); whose activities involves in Manufacturing, Distribution, Import, Supply and Trading of Plastic Raw Material & Products, Construction Chemicals and other Chemicals, Building Material, Plastic Sheets and Rods, Plasticizer & Additives, Surfactant, FMCG Products and Cosmetics.

Heading towards expansion and in pursuance of a more comprehensive market reach and accessibility, we have launched a dedicated portal to make the best products accessible beyond our current reach. is a unit of CDG Petchem Limited, a BSE listed entity, which offers Plastic Raw Material & Products, Plasticizer & Additives, Automobile Accessories, Furniture & Furnishings, Paints & Coatings, Surfactant, Construction Chemicals, Pharma Chemicals, Building Material, Petro Chemicals, Minerals, Cosmetics, Cosmetic Raw Materials, Aluminium Disposables like Containers, Lids & Foils.etc.

CDG products are distinctly different as these are made by new and advanced techniques in state-of-an-art production facility at Vapi, Dadra, Hyderabad. The range of products are wide, structured and designed to deliver the finest quality to the consumer.

The products on E portal are selected and listed only if they adhere to global quality standards, have a fair price proposition and have prompt serviceability. Every product is tested through a strict quality control lab for its quality and measure before uploading. At present we have our distribution points at Hyderabad, Mangalagiri , Anantpur, Visakhapatnam & Cuttack and shortly opening in Kolkata. ProcurePoint aims to have a distribution facility from all the ports and warehouses in different locations determined to reach out to the consumers and seller network at global level. We will be the first company in India that will work to create an effective chain between authorized Distributors/Principals and Direct Consumers.

We at CDG, highly emphasize on importance to adhere to quality control, commitment to conducting business fairly, with honesty and transparency. We constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in the quality of the goods and services we provide in the most sustainable way; for the environment and longevity of your association with us.

As our Founder and Promoters Rightly believe “There are three things that we have learned from our experience and they have become our life’s philosophy, these are: If you are sincere to yourself, you’ll be sincere to your job. The dignity of labour is not just a slogan, it is an attitude; a positive attitude. Transparency in your work, emphasis on quality, adhering to timelines are the denominators that differentiate the leaders from the also ran. To us and our team, these are not merely the mantras of success, but a way of life…..” We aim to reach the Global Market with our expertise and team effort.