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We are here to help/assist you for any of your query/grievance/feedback for your purchase or sale. Please fill in the form given below for any of your feedback/complaint/grievance. We will revert as early as possible for the solution. Your feedback will enable us to improve our services and render the best of assistance for our customers.

Your feedback is important to us

Suggestions and compliments help us to know what we are doing right or where we can improve. Complaints are equally important and we would like to know about anything that concerns you.

We prefer to address them as soon as we can, if possible. If we can’t do that we will call or email you within 4 working days or write to you within 20 working days. That’s our guarantee.


Any information we gather through this Customer Feedback System is used for service improvement and will not be used for any other purpose. You can also ask that your personal details be withheld from any of our staff member(s) about whom you are complaining. We will respect this, however, if your complaint is difficult to deal with we will contact you before taking further action.

To send your feedback, you can:

  • Complete this form and submit. A confirmation mail will be sent to you on the registered mail id and we revert on the same id with the solution.
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