The warranty applies only if it is received from the manufacturer/supplier for the respective item/product/material.

The warranty applies if

  1. Damaged goods/material received.
  2. Received defected product/material.
  3. Received broken components.
  4. Having a manufacturing defect.

The Warranty will cover;

  1. Repair of the product, at no cost, if the product is still under warranty.
  2. Repair of any broken parts of a product using new or replacement parts.
  3. Exchanged with a new product only if the Company deems correct of the manufacturing defects or wrong product delivery.

The warranty does not apply if:

  1. Product is damaged resulting from negligence.
  2. Product is damage resulting from unauthorized modification of the product
  3. Product is damage caused by natural disasters.
  4. Theft or loss of the product
  5. The warranty period is over.