Dugar PE 63 Pipe

Dugar PE 63 Pipe

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High Density Polyethylene Pipe 63 grade 

We offer our Customers HDPE Pipe manufactured from 100% pure virgin raw material in different grade. Customization is done  as per customer's specific need and application.


Long Life, Non Hazardous, Flexible and Light Weight, Corrosion Resistant, High Electrical Resistance, Tough & Strong, Lower Thermal Conductivity, Smooth Inner Surface, Inert to Chemical.

Pipe Sizes – 20 mm to 315 mm

Length – Standard Size – 6 mtr.

Grade:  PE 63

Standard- IS4984, IS 14333, IS 14885


Slurry Transportation

Portable Water Supply 

Industrial Effluents 


Sewerage & Drainage

Sprinkler System

Gas transmission

Paper and Pulp mills 


Pickling Lines

Chemical Industry/ Chemical Process Plant 

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