Heavy Normal Paraffin (HNP) C10 to C20

Heavy Normal Paraffin (HNP) C10 to C20

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Chlorinated Heavy Normal paraffin is a replacement of chlorinated paraffin wax. 

It is used as secondary plasticizer for Polyvinyl Chloride resins, plasticizer extender in synthetic rubber, Nitrocellulose, polystyrene etc. It is also used for impregnating textile and fabrics of all kinds as a flame retardant. It also finds application in paint industry for manufacturing of fire proof paints. It is widely used in foundry industry.

Chlorinated Heavy Normal Paraffin is mainly used in PVC industry as plasticizer, extreme pressure lubricant, additive in metal working industry and as fire retardant Chlorinated heavy normal Paraffin is a chemically inert plasticizer and in paint formulation where hard resins are used to make film more flexible that eliminates film embitterment. In plastics it is used as a secondary plasticizer because of high fire retarding efficiency, Good heat light stability, high resin compatibility, and lack of odour and low toxicity.

It is also widely used as lubricant in metal working industry to provide both extreme pressure activity and as a boundary lubricant.

It is also used as flame retardant in fabrics and paints industry. 

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