PVA 5CP/99%

PVA 5CP/99%

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Product Description

Poly Vinyl Alcohol) (PVA) is a water-soluble synthetic polymer. It is used in papermaking, textile warp sizing, as a thickener and emulsion stabilizer in polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) adhesive formulations, in a variety of coatings, and 3D printing. It is colorless (white) and odorless. It is commonly supplied as beads or as solutions in water.  Without an externally added crosslinking agent, PVA solution can be gelled through repeated freezing-thawing, yielding highly strong, ultrapure, biocompatible hydrogels which have been used for a variety of applications such as vascular stents, cartilages, contact lenses, etc.

Technical Details: POLY VINYL ALCOHOL (5CP/99%)

1. Fully Hydrolyzed

2. Viscosity ; (4%, 20 degree C,) 5-6 cps

3. Hydrolysis (mole%) 98-99

4. Ash (wt%) Max 1%

5. pH Value 5-7

Usage: PVA is used in a variety of medical applications because of its biocompatibility, low tendency for protein adhesion, and low toxicity

1. Cartilage replacements

2. Contact lenses &  eye drops.

3. As an aid in suspension polymerizations

4. Photographic film

5. Additive manufacturing

6. Household sponges

7. For glueing porous materials like wood, paper and cloth.

7. Used in sizing agents that give greater strength to textile yarns and make paper more resistant to oils and greases.

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